What If……?

The days on which one has been the most inquisitive are among the days on which one has been the most happiest ~ Robert Lynd



What if  the world was made of fictions and tales, would it have been a  different sale?

What if  the nature spoke and humans were quiet, oh what a sight!

What if  the land was sea and the sea was air, would we be sailing everywhere?

What if  red was green and green was blue,should  one plus one still equal to two?

What if  we had no shadows and reflections,then what would have been our perceptions?

What if  the cultures bore no limits nor bounds,where would we be then found?

What if  the noises were quiet and loneliness made a sound, then we could hear its loudness all around.

What if  love was fire and hatred the breeze, could they still co-exist ?

What if  the life was a dream but no one would care, would there be then a passion to share?

What if  everyone got their wishes true,would they still value their prayers that got them through?

What if  frail and wail would have not been there? Really! then would anyone would have even CARED? ©HK


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