A conversation by a lush willow tree..

by the willow treeGoing down the memory lane, Trish had drops of tears and a twinkle in her eyes. Sitting by the window,staring at the lush willow tree in front of her, she swayed far away with the wind into her past. Joys and sorrows, willingness and expectations, guilt and pride, the ego which she let go, the selfless love and the desire to get it back one day,the fading charm of life, the loneliness creeping within, the bright sunny mornings and some cold winter nights, the streets with flickering lights and the busy passerby’s… Trembling  low and high on the waves of emotions and memories, suddenly she realised that the journey was about to end. The season was about to change as the leaves of the tree changed colour. Soon there would be snow covering the once lush green tree. It will sleep beneath a white blanket and feel the tranquility of time. As it will wake up to a fresh feeling and will be born again, she felt she found her journey begins afresh. Trish will wake up too one day with brightness and courage, to grow into a lush green willow tree which she stares right in front of her, staring back at her and saying, “It was a pleasure hearing from you!”



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