Together we write…

So me and my friend got chatting one day. And we ended up creating some magic. Inspiring each other to write,we ended up writing a  poem together! Mostly my friends words but I am proud to present it here to you all the result it gave! Truely said, one makes story but together we can make chapters..Nothing of me is original, I am the combined effort of everyone I have known~Chuck…
So it started with this one line,to give you an idea..H is me and S is my friend-
S: The silent breez the shaky trees but no one sees..
H: All are just busy like the bees.
And then voilà, this turned out to be fun and we decided to write together.. Must say my friend has talent hidden away.. So here it is….

The Controlled one

I let my desire play in the midst of the day then I speak to myself is this the way to be swayed??

From right to wrong from true to false,is this the right way?

Did my best to keep it low but the desire kept me to see more..

I broaden the horizon looked through the oceans to see more

I walked to a distant to let it go but was too late to look back to know ..The fire was grasping more n more…
The clutches were strong and I could not let go, a cry for help!I wanted to explode
This is the desire which made me sow the bad deeds which never made me bow…. ©SMS



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