Sandra wants The Sun

It was a soft sunny morning. Sandra woke up to the melodious singing of the birds at the branch by her window. A sweet smell filled the house. Ah! Grandmas delicious pomegranate jam tells her its Saturday..It was a tradition they followed. Grandma used to make fresh Jam and she got crispy fresh loaf of bread. Sitting on the porch of their oakwood house, they sipped tea and watched over the serenity of the mountains covering them. The quietness around was similar to what grandma can notice in Sandra,”Something you want to talk about?”, she asked ,with a soft voice and the worried eyes searching her innocent face for the reason behind it.    ” Oh I am just fine!”, sighed Sandra and sipped on her tea. She knew her reply would not satisfy the restlessness in her grandma’s heart. But this is how it was meant to be.
Last night when Sandra was walking home alone along the dark alley. She could hear some footsteps following her. She got worried and started walking hurriedly. But the footsteps caught pace with her. Only when she paused, did she realised that it was nothing but her shadow of her past, trying to catch up with her. If she ran it would just run towards her. It was a part of her that followed her. All she needed to do was to take a pause, step in the light from the darkness that was behind her now,to let the shadow go.
Early morning sitting up with the sun, she was silent knowing that its light is warm and her grandma’s company too, she can live in the light now,she needed the sun everyday to remind her the brightness it brings. But her grandma also caught her worry of the darkness of the night and the footsteps it follows.
Grandma had forgiven Sandra for the night when Sandra and her grandpa drove in the car far on the high mountains and Sandra came back alone.
Grandma was alone too, but she knew that Sandra’s guilt from the past is keeping her company and so is grandma.



What If……?

The days on which one has been the most inquisitive are among the days on which one has been the most happiest ~ Robert Lynd



What if  the world was made of fictions and tales, would it have been a  different sale?

What if  the nature spoke and humans were quiet, oh what a sight!

What if  the land was sea and the sea was air, would we be sailing everywhere?

What if  red was green and green was blue,should  one plus one still equal to two?

What if  we had no shadows and reflections,then what would have been our perceptions?

What if  the cultures bore no limits nor bounds,where would we be then found?

What if  the noises were quiet and loneliness made a sound, then we could hear its loudness all around.

What if  love was fire and hatred the breeze, could they still co-exist ?

What if  the life was a dream but no one would care, would there be then a passion to share?

What if  everyone got their wishes true,would they still value their prayers that got them through?

What if  frail and wail would have not been there? Really! then would anyone would have even CARED? ©HK

Seeking Inspiration!

Its time and its right. It’s the feeling you have when you are determined to achieve something. Sometimes the only thing that  just lacks is inspiration. There is always more to life than what it already offers. So GO! Get Going -in the search of Inspiration.Who knows maybe its just round the corner 🙂

Look around you,look at the world that whispers a thousand tunes

The canvas in the curvy sand dunes and the raging volcanic fumes,

The birds that sing sweet songs and the wind that dances along

The sky is colored and it glows,keep looking out for the rainbows!

 The high rises in the city and the high tides in the sea, don’t they teach us the life’s melody?

Laughs and giggles and stories to share,always makes this pleasant time to stare

 One can be with it or let it go, it’s a wish and a hope to know..

That you can live and make it bright because you are always right.

Look at YOU,what do you see?

A bundle of gifts,unopened and quiet

Is it time? Yes it is,just open it slow

Just respire and let yourself flow

Get inspired and let the inspiration  in you show!